Golden Tikka – Indian cuisine

With voucher from the Slevomat we went to explore secrets of indian cuisine! 🙂 Near I.P.Pavlova station.

Like Starter we order fantastic tomato soup with ginger – Adrak-Tulsi Tomato Ka Shorba – and after very first meal I decided, I have to add indian cuisine to my cookbook – the soup was absolutelly brilliant – it is not like you would expect it to be. 😉

Our main course was also typical – chicken Tikka masala –  it was mild spicy with peaces of ginger and Lamb with spinachi , both waas absolutely great with very suprising taste- Beside silverware I used typical indian bread Garlic Naan and Roti (Chapati), for eating such heavy sos like we had it was fantastic. 🙂

You absolutelly dont have to be afraid about spicyness, they are trying to cook it „for european people“ not as much as I definatelly expected it would be. If you are hot lover, I thing you can ask to make it for you normally spicy, but for me it was absolutelly great as they served it to us.

This two meal was absolutely enough for me and my boyfriend 😉

During our dinner number of indian families and couples came to have dinner, that is a good mark of this restaurant 🙂

For our big finnish we order extremly sweet dessert Gulab Jamun, but I recommend you to have Lassi or typical indian tea. 🙂


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