Fresh vietnamese baguettes in Prague center

When speaking about vietnamese cuisine, most of you probably imagine noodle soup Pho Bo, those who know more vietnamese dishes maybe think about great grilled beef Bun chá or fresh spring rolls Nem cuon. You already know from our posts where to have these delicious meals (check our posts about vietnamese restaurants in Prague or big vietnamese market Sapa), but today, we would like to introduce you a completely new spot – starting from thursday 5.2., there is a new interesting place in the center of Prague, where you can taste vietnamese cuisine – but instead of noodles, this time you can try homemade vietnamese baguettes! 🙂

Banh Mi Makers bistro and two young friendly Vietnamese 🙂

a baguette in Bílá Labuť

New bistro Banh Mi Makers can be found in the street „Na Poříčí“ right in the department store Bílá Labuť – baguettes are just at the entrance, but you can hardly see that from the street, there are no boards in the street suggesting to stop and have a baguette there (this should be changed, especially when you consider other two baguette shops – Subway and primarily Bageterie Boulevard – at the same street). We even overlooked the baguette bistro completely at first and had a tour through all floors of Bílá Labuť, only then we have finally found out that the baguette bistro is next to the entrance in the center and we went there from the wrong side…. so look around when you get into the department store 🙂

Family business – completely

The bistro is small, but it offers many kinds of baguettes (you can choose from pork, chicken, bee or even fish meat) and you can also have vietnamese rolls or fresh fruit drinks.

Two young Vietnamese (brother and sister) willingly tell you whatever you want to know and can help you with your choice if you want to. They also presented a bit more about their bistro to us, so we can tell you that the company Banh Mi Makers is a family business in which every member of the family makes a part of the baguette or helps other way. The baguettes are made by a classic family recipe and so you can taste traditional vietnamese cuisine without adjustments – just like the Vietnamese eat it at home. The ingrediences for baguettes are made in other part of Prague – Smíchov – and you can also order home/office delivery.

And what did we have?

We have tasted two kinds of baguettes – one with beef meat and the other one with fish meat. The one with beef caught us more, the meat is minced, but the grilled taste of beef is very good. Probably the best about the baguettes is the fresh vegatable, coriander and the typical vietnamese dressing.

Out two vietnamese baguettes with delicious fresh vegetables, coriander and dressing! 🙂

All in all, these vietnamese baguettes can be a great better alternative to classic cold packed baguettes, but it might be difficult for them to compete with other hot baguette bistros (especially with Bageterie Boulevard, which sometimes offers really tasty combination of ingrediences) – still we liked it and we might come again and try other kinds of baguettes 🙂

So, when you are around Bílá Labuť, try to stop at the bistro and taste a bit differnt baguette 🙂 And if you pick something else then we did, let us if you liked it! 🙂

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